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"I was afraid of a getting a dump"

 I did not have a lot of money to work with and I was very scared of having to settle for a "dump," a property that needed a lot of work and would be uncomfortable to live in.

Read Fayth's story about her experience with The Damon Home Team and what advice she has for you.



Meet Fayth

Suzanne Damon

With over 30 years of exceeding expectations in residential sales, Suzanne Damon is an unparalleled expert and advisor for all your real estate needs....

With over 30 years of exceeding expectations in residential sales, Suzanne Damon is an unparalleled expert and advisor for all your real estate needs....

Jan 27 3 minutes read

Meet Fayth

I am Fayth W. now living in Manchester NH. I am a Trauma nurse commuting to the Boston hospitals. I was living in my parents home. As a young professional, I felt it was time to move on and get a place of my own. I was very nervous searching for a home with little money. I had recently switched careers and was able to save up some money for a downpayment. Suzanne was able to work within my budget and get me into the home that was perfect for my dogs and I.  

Why The Damon Home Team?

I found Suzanne and The Damon Home Team from a friend of mine, Bart. I had interviewed one other realtor and she told me that my options were really limited. She sent me a bunch of listing and none of them were anything that I wanted. When I first met Suzanne the first question she asked me was, "tell me a little more about who you are." At that moment I knew this was the realtor I wanted to work with. Suzanne was amazing because she cared about me and what I wanted, more importantly she cared about my dogs!

"I wasn't just another number to Suzanne, I was someone she truly cared about!"

What Stuck Out To You?

I got past my fears because Suzanne created opportunities that I never thought would be available to me. Having heard horror stories about the buying process I was surprised at how easy she made the journey seem. Suzanne understood my crazy third shift hours and knew the perfect time to call or text me. She cared about not wasting my time with houses that didn't fit what I wanted. I ended up being hospitalized during the buying experience and she took the time to drive to a Boston hospital to see me. 

How Was Suzanne Different?

Suzanne was different because she was able to get me into the home my dogs and I could enjoy, in a short amount of time, during a really competitive market. She is a true professional who went above and beyond, meeting my goals with the utmost of care.  I got the house I wanted, in a safe and comfortable neighborhood, all within my budget. Suzanne knows how to put a relationship before a "transaction."

Fayth's Advice to You

If you're considering selling your home, my advice would be to contact The Damon Home Team as soon as you begin to think about your next move.  Her knowledge and resources are infinite. If you are looking for someone to advocate for you, be responsive, and make the entire journey enjoyable...

Call Suzanne and The Damon Home Team.

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